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Frequently Asked Questions

E-mergency was created to be the personal emergency system that simply saves lives... but we understand that sometimes even simple things may seem complex. We have answered some of the more frequent questions below. However, if you have further questions about - or any difficulties downloading or using - E-mergency, please contact us.

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Why the two-step process of creating an account and downloading the app?

Why a different price for Administration accounts and family members?

How many family members can I put on my account and phone?

How many people can I put on my account and phone?

How do I put other people on my phone?

Can I have friends on my E-mergency account?

Can I put people on my phone temporarily?

Do I have to put all members of my account on my phone?

What information should I put on E-mergency?

Who should be my contacts?

Why does E-mergency need a website and a phone app?

What if I don't have a smart phone?

What if I don't have a cell phone?

What if my phone is out of power, malfunctions, or is broken?

Why is it called "privileged" medical information (PMI)?

Why shouldn't I use my real name for my Member name?

When I click on the google map from my notification email the location is wrong - why?

I lock my phone - how will the EMTs access my E-mergency records?

Contented Mom
I can't always be with my family, but now I'll know they're being cared for, and how to find them.
Purchase E-mergency medical records app now
  • EMT approved for ease of use, speed & thorough information.
  • Auto-notifies your contacts of incident time, GPS location and medical facility.
  • Easily installed & updatable phone app plus website in case of broken (or no) phone.
  • The fastest way to get your vital medical information in front of a First Responder.
  • Just $8.95 for your Account + 95 for additional Members
Doctor carrying E-mergency medical records card
"Carry the card with the heart to let us know that your emergency medical information is just a
click away."
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