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Emergency Medical Record Form
When you create your E-mergency account you - and all members of your account - will be assigned your own private and secure Emergency Medical Record (EMR) site where you enter your medical information. We recommend that you fill in your information with your doctor, so that you include all pertinent information about allergies, medical or health conditions, important medical procedures such as surgeries, medical devices, and all medications that you take.

Because E-mergency was developed in partnership with first responders, the categories that we prompt you to enter contain Primary Assessment information that helps EMS workers make the right treatment choices and avoid potential medical errors in the first crucial minutes. So it's important to be thorough.

The purpose of this page is to provide an example of what a filled-out form might look like. This form is not intended to resemble any real person, but to show how filled-in fields appear - and how this information will appear on your phone. Any resemblance to the health profile of any individual is purely coincidental.

Age 56
Height 70" / 177cm
Weight 189lbs / 85.9kg
Blood Type B-
Normal Blood Pressure 135 / 90
Normal Heart Rate 70
Vitals describes the basic physical information that EMTs need.
Normal blood pressure and normal heart rate are important. Athletes, for instance, may have normally "low" heart rates.
E-mergency medical vitals screen
EMS Alert Hepatitus - B
Medical Alert Addisons
Medications Hydrocortisone
Medication Allergies Penicillan, Latex
Other Allergies Bee Sting
Directives No CPR
Document Location Glovebox, fridge
Contagious disease warning
Disease that may affect immediate treatment. Associated medication alert.
Warnings describes diseases, allergies, medical test results that EMTs need to know immediately to treat you appropriately & avoid harm.
E-mergency medical warnings screen
Medical Condition Hypertension
Medical Procedures Gall bladder
removed, 9/08
Test Results ECG: A-fib
Medical devices Defibrillator (ICD)
Family History Father cardiac
Smoking Yrs / Amt 23 / .5 pack
History describes chronic medical conditions, associated medications, any medical procedures or devices.
Important Test Results
Parental heart history (or other pertinent, genetic history) and personal habits that affect health are important.
E-mergency medical history screen
Senior couple looks over their E-mergency medical records on laptop computer
I like knowing that all of our
medical information is in in one
place in case something happens.
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Doctor carrying E-mergency medical records card
"Carry the card with the heart to let us know that your emergency medical information is just a
click away."
Emergency Medical Record View
If you do not have an Android or iPhone, EMTs can access your EMR View Site on your Internet-enabled phone. If you have a non-Internet phone, or your phone is broken or lost, EMTs will follow the instructions on your card to access your EMR site on their own phones or on their laptops.

Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, Internet-enabled phone, or no phone - with E-mergency you're protected.

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