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The System That Helps Saves Lives Now
Makes You, or Your Favorite Cause, Money

At TTW Systems we empower people through technology that improves lives, protects privacy and gives you more control over your life. So we created E-mergency to be the personal emergency system that helps saves lives - while it gives you control over your personal medical information.

Improving your chances in an emergency by providing first responders with your medical information (and auto-notifying your contacts with GPS location so they can find you fast) makes so much sense that we say: Car seats, seat belts, bike helmets...E-mergency. Everyone should be protected.

Now we’ve created a way for you to help keep people safer and make money doing it.

Individuals and organizations who see the value in E-Mergency can create an income for themselves – or their favorite cause or organization - by marketing E-mergency and earning a commission on each sale.

We've made it easy for you, or your organization, to become an E-Mergency Affiliate.

Download the appropriate Affiliate Contract; read it and the attached Affiliate Rights and Responsibilities. Then, if you think this is right for you, sign the contract and efax it to us.

You choose your unique Coupon Code. Include it in all of your promotions. When your customers enter your code during their purchase of an E-mergency Account, they'll save $1.00, and you will be credited for the sale. A commission check will be sent to you every month. Plus you’ll make more income when your customers renew in a year.

Who Can Promote E-mergency?    You can, if...

  • You are an individual or organization that cares about keeping people safe & well
  • You are an individual or organization that has a means of reaching many people
  • You are an individual or organization that has a need for funds

    Against Your Policy to Make Money on Products? Then Help Out a Great Cause.
    We know there are many bloggers who give unbiased product reviews and who cannot accept any income from that product. However, if you care for a special cause, and you think E-mergency is a great way to keep families safer, consider putting a coupon on your site to save your customers money - and we'll donate your commissions directly to the cause or organization(s) of your choice. Plus, you'll be able to let your readers know that every purchase of E-mergency helps out a worthy cause. Simply download our special Donation Affiliate Agreement (PDF), and tell us who to send the money to.

    Working within our brand guidelines, you choose your methods to promote E-mergency. (Plus we’re here to help with graphics, ads and ideas.) There are no limits on how many E-mergency Accounts you can sell - and how much money you can make.

    E-mergency is the personal emergency system that empowers people and helps save lives. Now it's also the system that creates an income opportunity for individuals and organizations. And it's a product you can feel great about promoting - after all, you may help save some lives out there.

    If you have any questions, please Contact Us

  • Our Medical Records On Our Phones
    • EMT approved for ease of use, speed & thorough information.
    • Auto-notifies your contacts of incident time, GPS location and medical facility.
    • Easily installed & updatable phone app plus website in case of broken (or no) phone.
    • The fastest way to get your vital medical information in front of a First Responder.
    • Just $4.99 for your Account + 99¢ for additional Members
    "Carry the card with the heart to let us know that your emergency medical information is just a
    click away."
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