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Mother & daughter protected by E-mergency medical records Emergency medical technicians with girl in medical emergency Mother keeping young daughter safe with car seat Emergency medical technicians with girl in medical emergency
E-mergency notifies your
contacts of incident information,
GPS, and hospital location.
Designed with the help of EMTs,
E-mergency provides the precise
medical information they need.
As common sense as car seats,
E-mergency helps
protect against medical errors.
Your up-to-date medical info on your phone. Or on our phones and laptops. Right now.

Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones in a Crisis
with Life-Saving E-mergency Medical Records

E-mergency medical records app works on  android, iphone blackberry & palm E-mergency is the complete
emergency medical records system

that is designed for one important purpose – to help save lives by providing Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) with the immediate, vital information they need to correctly treat you or your loved ones, and avoid medical errors, in the first crucial minutes - while it notifies your contacts with your GPS location.

Designed with the help of Doctors & EMTs, E-mergency instantly gets your up-to-date medical information - including medical conditions, allergies, medications - to EMTs on your iPhone, Android phone, Internet-enabled phone, or your E-mergency website that EMTs quickly view on their own phones or laptops. So they can make informed treatment decisions and avoid medical errors. While EMTs are doing their job, E-mergency notifies your loved ones with your GPS location - so they can find you, or you can find them, fast. (If you don't have a GPS phone, EMTs add a quick destination message.)

E-Mergency Is There to Protect You When…
  • You’re unconscious, disoriented or confused in an emergency
  • EMTs need your information to make a crucial treatment decision
  • Your loved ones need to know where you are

  • As Effective, and Common Sense, As Car Seats, Seat Belts and Bike Helmets…
    We take precautions every day when we put our kids in car seats, buckle our seat belts, or wear bike helmets. Yet we venture out without taking the simple precaution of ensuring that EMTs will have the information they need to treat us correctly and avoid medical errors if an emergency occurs. "Nearly half of all medication errors happen because doctors lack critical information about a patient's history," states Michael R. Cohen, President of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices. E-mergency is the solution; one day we’ll wonder why we went out without it.

    E-mergency is the Only Complete Emergency Medical Records Solution (click for details)

    Give yourself and those you love the life-saving edge in a medical emergency. E-mergency is quick and easy to set up. Click here to begin your E-mergency protection now.

    Fire fighter endorsing E-mergency medical records app "Professionally speaking, I know how important vital information like this
    can be during the first minutes of a medical emergency. Personally, I have
    been looking for something like this for my own family."
    — Tim Wolf, Fire Fighter & Paramedic, Arizona
    Purchase E-mergency medical records app now
    • EMT approved for ease of use, speed & thorough information.
    • Auto-notifies your contacts of incident time, GPS location and medical facility.
    • Easily installed & updatable phone app plus website in case of broken (or no) phone.
    • The fastest way to get your vital medical information in front of a First Responder.
    • Just $8.95 for your Account + 95¢ for additional Members
    Doctor carrying E-mergency medical records card
    "Carry the card with the heart to let us know that your emergency medical information is just a
    click away."
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